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Each commission is personally designed and produced by our highly specialised and dedicated sugar artist, designer and patissiere. For this reason, we never overbook our work thereby ensuring that each creation is produced to only the highest standards. Our clients know that they are receiving the attention they deserve. All cakes and decorations are crafted in our Hertfordshire-based kitchen in Watford. We cater for events in London and deliver throughout the UK.

Choosing your Cake

With so many different styles to choose, it can be a bit confusing when choosing your cake so have a look at the considerations below which should help. We recommend having a personal consultation with us where we can discuss your preferences in more detail.


What style would you like?

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Tiered/Individual
  • Dessert Cake
  • Chocolate
  • Shape

Cakes come in different shapes and sizes. Do you have a preferred shape? Round, square, hexagonal, heart shaped? We can mix the shapes to create an elegant and unique centrepiece.


How many guests will you have? This is important as it may dictate the number of tiers or individual cakes required.


  • Is there a theme to your party?
  • What is your colour scheme?
  • If you are getting married, would you like your wedding cake to complement your wedding dress?
  • Do you want the decorations to be edible?
  • Would you like the cake to be adorned in delicate sugar paste decorations or would you like 3D edible decorations such as bespoke figurines?
  • Would you like ribbon on the cake?
  • Fresh flowers are a great way to decorate celebration cakes and are suited to any occasion. Wedding cakes can be dressed with flowers in between tiers, for example, or why not adorn a birthday cake with a beautiful arrangement of flowers? Take a look at our gallery for inspiration on using fresh flowers for decoration cakes.


Our cakes come in many shapes and sizes and we have a variety of flavours to choose from including a selection of which are available gluten free. Our most popular flavours include:

  • Villa Dolce Layer Vanilla Sponge
  • Coconut and Lime Layer Cake
  • Chocolate Sponge Cake with Milk Chocolate Ganache (or Baileys Ganache)
  • Fruit Cake

Cake Stands

We have an assortment of cake stands and towers on which to present your commission. If using one of ours, we would normally charge a small hire fee and ask that you return the stand following the event or alternatively we can collect at a charge. We are also happy to use a stand provided by clients.

Assembly and Delivery

Based in Watford, Hertfordshire, we can deliver and assemble in London and outside too. Some cakes will need to be assembled on-site depending on the ingredients and size but we will advise you of this before placing your order.


We can work to all budgets so please do contact us to discuss your requirements further. If you are looking for a really impressive centrepiece to your event, fake tiers are a great way of creating that sensational look without blowing the budget. We will ice and decorate the fake layers but only the required amount of tiers will be edible. This helps to keep costs down but your guests will never know. This is a very popular option for many of our clients.

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